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Bringing Awareness to the needs of Children and Adults who are survivors of abuse through the use of the Performing Arts.

Home Honey I'm Hi and Backstage On Broadway
This years fundraising plays.
I did these two plays 14 years ago, they are funny, family friendly and the Casts are Amazing.
We are currently looking for a theater to present these two plays in.  Please plan to attend proceeds going to help fund this years "Santa Day" event.

SINCE 1999
Celebrating our 13th year of helping Women, Men and Children of Violence and Abuse.   There is LIFE AFTER ABUSE.  
The Nightmare will end....but the danger continues for many, always hiding, being afraid of being found, and never feeling completely safe....
Many Survivors even after leaving their abuser still have to look over their shoulders wondering if this is the day... he finds me....
For 13 years I have with the help of volunteers been there for Victims and Survivors to help them live again...there is not a day that goes by that I am not contacted by someone who needs help.....It's a long Road to that can be achieved in time....but the fear never really leaves...
If you are a Survivor of these Crimes of Violence and Abuse, please reach out to those who are in or who have left, what we were able to excape.....
I am a Survivor about you...  <3

Got a car you no longer want, use, or have not been able to sell? Donate it today to my nonprofit and you can receive the Full “Fair Market Value” Tax-Deduction If we provide your donated vehicle to a deserving family!
We ask that the car/truck/van be in running order... if you have such a vehicle please contact me at

Actor 4 Charity Performance Troupe website is:

Since 1999 I have been helping Survivors of the Crimes of Violence and Abuse in South Florida.   I help those in other areas and around the world via the internet.

Little Angel Project:
since 2001 near Easter each year we have been giving MOBILE ENTERTAINMENT CENTERS to Pediatric ICU's and to children clinics.
a Mobile Entertainment Center consists of, a Heavy duty cart, with a Flat Screen TV, DVD player, game systems and games, and movies, and board games and toys, that can be wheeled up to a ill childs bed while they are in the hospital or clinic to help make their stay more enjoyable and restful.
If you would like to help ups with the Unit, please contact us...thank you.


In 1999 I left an abusive husband.  I like every other victim of the crime of violence and abuse found myself feeling confused, weak, hurt, wanting to get away, yet afraid of being on my own with no plan, no home, children and the idea of leaving everything I owned behind.

Leaving your abuser is not easy.  Also lets get it straight right here and now those who find themselves in an abusive realationship didn't get into it or stay in it because they like to be abused.  The fact is even to this day unless you are being raised in an abusive relationship it is taboo to talk about it.  Those not in this type of relationship or never experiencing it, can not understand how anyone could stay in a relationship that literally could end your life with one wrong hit, punch or push.

As an advocate for survivors of violence and abuse, I can tell you, you don't fall in love with an abuser.  You fall in love with someone who treats you nice, listens to you, makes you feel good about yourself.  It is only after you have been in this loving relationship long enough for the abuser to know that you are not going to leave him or her that the abuse starts to happen.  A little at a time.  Till after time it turns into a full blown nightmare, from which it seems that you will never wake up from.

When I finally left my abuser, like so many others, the feelings of happiness was not automatic.   Infact to become a true survivor of this crime, it takes up to two years before you the victim realize that you can make it on your own and that you are better off without your abuser.
To become a Thriver of this crime, can take up to 5 years or more.  It seems like a long time...but it so worth it.
However, during this time a victim will continue being a victim as long as their abuser is in their life in any form, whether it be through harassment or through visitation with the children.  The truth is they are never safe, never ever safe...
It is a Long Road to Recovery from violence and abuse...and that is why I created sharlene's Angels On Earth Inc.  To help those who are survivors.
Throughout the year we also have other programs such as Actors 4 Charity, and Adopt a Child/Family for the Holidays. 
I am able to do all this because of Angels On Earth, those people who have been touched by the Hand of God to Give of Themselves to Others...these volunteers are the True Angels On Earth and they help make our programs a success.
We are not funded nor have we recieved any grants, 100% of all donations go toward our programs to help those who are in need.
We are a 501c3 Organization/Charity.

Who are Angels On Earth?

ANGELS ON EARTH are those PEOPLE who have been TOUCHED by the HAND OF GOD, to GIVE of THEMSELVES, to OTHERS.  Are you an Angel on earth?


Most of the people, do not, will not and won't SEE, HEAR OR SPEAK ABOUT, those who need help except to Criticize or Judge those who are struggling.


Domestic Violence

The Violence is the number 1 cause of death of women around the world